Thursday, 26 July 2012

Meetup Sunday 19th August

The August Meetup will be on Sunday 19th August from 1pm to 7pm.

With the Olympics already a fading memory and the transport system back to normal, we will meet up on the third Sunday for August's Playtest session.

If you've designed a game, bring it along and give it a play or just enjoy playing other people's prototypes in a friendly and constructive atmosphere. The pub has a great range of food and drink, and the 'Spying Room' has fantastic views across the Thames.

If you would like to bring along a new design, contact Rob Harris (Organiser) and we will add your game to the list.

The venue will be the Spying Room at the Morpeth Arms, Pimlico, London. Here is a map with directions of the short walk from Pimlico tube station to the pub.

Games to be playtested (TBC):

Dexicon - Deck-building spelling game (Andrew Rowse)
Dragon Eggs - Light family game (Lawrence Davies)

Boldly Going - Light dice Game (Adam Taylor)
Siegecraft - 2-player dice game (Adam Taylor)
Cricket Game (W/T) - 2-player cricket game (Chris Taylor-Davies)
Mike Nudd Compendium ;)

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