Tuesday 4 August 2015

2 New Playtest UK Meetups

We have added two new playtesting groups to Meetup.com:

The Bath Playtest meetup group is run by Dave Mortimer, (the published designer of Pocket Imperium, DragonSlayer and the upcoming Flock and a top bloke).

They meet every fortnight. The next meetup is on Tuesday 18th August at The Weston, Bath, BA1 3HE

The Norwich Playtest meetup group is run by Peter Chinkin (designer of the Sci-Fi board game, M101 and friendly guy.)

The venue will Athena Games, Norwich, NR2 1ER on the last Sunday of the month.

We now have regular meetups at 9 locations around the country: London, Cambridge, Newcastle, Brighton, Cardiff, Leeds, Enfield, Bath and Norwich where designers and playtesters can meet up to play games and give each other feedback.

We are hoping to add some more groups soon. So watch this space!