Monday 8 June 2015

Playtest Zone @ UKGE2015 Debrief

A big thank you to everyone who was involved with the Playtest Zone at UK Games Expo 2015. We were booked out completely a week before the event.

Over the Saturday and Sunday, over 60 designers had their game prototypes playtested by hundreds of members of the gaming public.

Thanks to the Playtest UK volunteers: Brett, Matt, Dave, Dan, David & Miles for their help over the weekend.

All of the playtesters who sat down to play and filled in a feedback form were entered into a prize draw for a copy of Elysium, published by Space Cowboys / Asmodee and designed by Brett Gilbert and Matt Dunstan, who are both Playtest UK members.

The lucky winner was Joseph Norris, who brought his own design prototype to the Playtest Zone as well as playtesting several other designers' games.

Look forward to seeing you next year!