Friday 23 December 2011

Meetup Sunday 8th January 2012

After a great Dragonmeet in November and a busy December, Playtest returns for 2012.

Playtest (London) group's next meetup will be this Sunday 8th January.

We are being kindly hosted by Gamesforce at the Old Star pub,
opposite St. James' Park tube station. (See map)

Games to be playtested:

'Amongst Thieves'(WT) - 5-player card game prototype (Brett Gilbert).
'Wandering Monks' (WT) - a boardgame prototype for up to 4 players (Matt Dunstan).
'Bee Game' (WT) - a strategic dice game for up to 4 players (Mike Nudd).
'Gnome/Mexico' (WT) - a strategic tile-laying prototype for up to 4 players (Brett Gilbert).

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to playtest your prototype at this event.
(contact'at' please replace 'at' with the appropriate symbol).