Monday, 19 March 2012

March Meetup Debrief

March's Playtest meetup took us from the Tundra, where we were fighting aliens, to Europe as Venetian merchants and then to a fantasy realm to battle it out for supremacy. 

Three very different and new prototypes were played, enjoyed and reviewed. The first was a semi-cooperative board game with a traitor mechanic. The paranoia spread around the table as the humans finally managed to survive. The second prototype was a competitive city-building fantasy card game adapted from a board game. The next game had a variable board and some very interesting trading gameplay, as well as great wooden pieces. 

Many thanks to Brian, Brett, Chris, Lawrence, Matt and Rob for the playtest feedback. Perhaps revised versions will be available to playtest at April's Playtest meetup.

(Note: April's meetup will be on the third Sunday of the month.)

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