Wednesday, 23 May 2012

QR Code Treasure Hunt @ the UK Games Expo 2012

To celebrate our 2nd year running the Playtest Zone at the UK Games Expo, we are creating a small treasure hunt using QR codes printed on treasure maps. 

The hunt is accessible to attendees of all ages. All you will need is an adventurous spirit and a smartphone with a QR code reader installed. (An internet connection is not required.)  

The treasure maps will be dotted all over the venue and on the stands of some of Playtest's friends. I can't tell you where; you will have to find them!

When you locate a map, find the letter and then solve the puzzle. 

Come to the Playtest Zone and shout Eureka! (or see Rob Harris) and you will be entered into a special prize draw for some gaming goodies.

Look out for these signs:

Check on this example map that your QR code reader will work on the day.

See you at Expo!

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