Thursday, 1 August 2013

Playtest UK @ Nine Worlds Convention 2013

Calling all budding games designers and playtesters!

Playtest UK will be running a playtesting event 
at the Nine Worlds Convention 2013 August 10th-11th.

This is a new convention, which was funded through Kickstarter and has a very varied programme from gaming to Harry Potter academia. The playtesting will take place in the Connaught Room at the Radisson Blu Edwardia Hotel, Heathrow from 10am until 6pm each day.

The aim of the event is to bring designers and playtesters together to play games, encourage feedback and to help create better games.

If you have game prototype that you would like to put in front of players, please bring it along. There will be feedback forms provided.

Do you like to play games? Do you know what makes a good game fun? Your opinions could help to develop the prototypes and perhaps lead to a playtesting credit in a published game.

Feel free to contact me for more details at contact 'at'

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