Sunday, 17 November 2019

Playtest UK @ UK Games Expo 2020

Registration for the Playtest Zone at the UK Games Expo 2020 will open in January 2020.

This event is for designers, who would like members of the gaming public to sit down and playtest their prototype, so that they can make improvements. It runs during the day from Friday 29th-31st May 2020. 

More details will be posted here or you can join the Meetup for this event which will be kept updated:


  1. This looks amazing. I may be a tad early, but looking to book a space if possible.

  2. Hi. The games I'm bringing are finished (were finished 20 years ago) they're multiplayer abstract strategy family games with no dice or cards - perfect information- and so simple I can teach you the moment you sit down. I'm looking for a publisher