Tuesday 28 February 2023

Link the 2024 registration: https://bit.ly/4bOIcRH


01.03.24 Update: Unfortunately the UKGE website link hasn't yet been updated from last year so is currently directing here in error.

You can find the correct 2024 registration webpage here:


If you have any further problems please use the contact me using the contact form. Kind regards, Rob


Registration for the Playtest Zone at the UK Games Expo 2023 is now open.

This event is for designers, who would like members of the gaming public to sit down and playtest their prototype, so that they can make improvements. It runs during the day from Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th June 2023. 

Playtest UK volunteers will be available on the day to support you and feedback forms will be available. All playtesters will be entered into a prize draw to win a game prize.

Here is the procedure for this year:

1. (From now) If you would like to bring a game prototype to the Playtest Zone at the UK Games Expo 2023, you must register yourself and your prototype here: https://bit.ly/3KDqQfn

2. (From now) Designers who register for a 3 hour session will be contacted to give a donation to charity and when confirmed they will be given a link to reserve one session on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

3. (From 2nd April) Designers who register for a 90 mins session will be contacted and given a link to reserve one session on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

In the first instance all designers will only be able to reserve one session, to give everyone a fair chance. This restriction may be relaxed nearer the UK Games Expo.

In the last few years we have been booked out before the event, so please register as quickly as possible to avoid disappointment. 

4.Volunteers: The Playtest Zone wouldn't be possible without our red-shirted volunteers. Anyone who volunteers to help out for a morning or afternoon session at the Playtest Zone will get an opportunity of priority booking, a red Playtest UK t-shirt to keep and a free day ticket for the UK Games Expo 2023.
Please register to volunteer here:https://bit.ly/3mfwI4s or express an interest on the registration form and we will contact you.
5.Meetup: If you are planning to come to the Playtest Zone as a designer or playtester please RSVP to the meetup page:http://bit.ly/3KLGepY
Join the discussion before the event and updates will be posted here first.

If you have any questions please check the UKGE FAQ tab or feel free to contact Rob Harris via the usual contact form.

Please note that due to the uncertainty around COVID-19 rules and regulations some details may be subject to change. Please check back here for updates.
Please find out more about UKGE2023 at the UK Games Expo website

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