Q - What is Playtest UK?

A - Playtest UK is a friendly group of board/card game designers and playtesters that meet regularly in London, Cambridge, Newcastle, Brighton, Cardiff, Leeds, Enfield, Bath, Norwich, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Birmingham, Redruth, Reading, SE London, Bristol, Oxford, Southampton, Croydon, Plymouth and Belfast. 

Q - What is the Playtest Zone @ UKGE2022?

A - The Playtest Zone has been running for over 13 years at the UK Games Expo. It is open all three days of the show from 10am-6pm (4pm on Sunday) and provides a place where designers can bring their prototypes to be played by UKGE attendees.

Q - How does the COVID-19 pandemic affect the Playtest Zone?

A - More details are available at the UKGE 2022 website and will be updated as the show approaches. According to the website at present they do not expect there will be a need to show Covid status at the 2022 show, but in the event of a change they will publish the rules.

Q - How long are the playtesting sessions?

A - There are two types of playtesting sessions in the Playtest Zone. You can book a three hour session, either morning or afternoon, or there are 90 mins sessions available to be booked throughout the day. Booking sessions is done before the show by registering your game on a entry form, but there can also be places available on the day, but they go quickly.

Q - How can I register to bring my prototype?

A - You can register to bring your game prototype here:
(Registration closes a week before Expo on Friday 27th May 2022.) Even though we ask you to register a game, you can bring another game along on the day if you wish. The playtesting sessions are for you to use as you need.
Q - How much does it cost?

A - The 90 mins playtesting sessions are free and the three hour sessions require a £15 donation to charity.

Q - How big are the playtesting tables?

A -Most of the tables will be 180cmx60cm, but we will also have some 120cmx60cm and some circular tables with a 90cm diameter.

Q - What do I need to bring?

A - We will provide playtesters, tables and feedback forms should you require them; you will just need to bring yourself and your prototype. Help will be at hand if you need it from the red-shirted Playtest UK members.
Q - Can I help out at the Playtest Zone?

A -The Playtest Zone is run by volunteers. You can register an interest in volunteering here:

Anyone who volunteers to help out for a 3 hour session at the Playtest Zone will get an opportunity of priority booking, a red Playtest UK t-shirt to keep and a free day ticket for the UK Games Expo 2022.

Q - Can I send you the prototype to playtest for me?

A -You (or a proxy) will need to be present to explain the game and supervise the playtesting. This will be the best option even if you are doing a blind playtest, as it will guarantee the time that your prototype deserves.

Q - I have an additional question or request not covered here.

A - Additional information may be available on the page for this event:

If you can't find the information here or there feel free to contact me on the usual website contact form.

Please note that due to the uncertainty over the COVID-19 rules and regulations these details may be subject to change.
Please find out more about the UKGE2022 at the UK Games Expo website

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